There seems to be a problem with code enforcement">


            There seems to be a problem with code enforcement, building inspectors, assessors and process servers that have been told they can enter on private property as they see fit. When homeowners attempt to file a complaint with the police department the officers refuse to take the complaint. The government will back up these people with attorneys. So they have no fear of cost to defend themselves.

There is a way to stop the political subdivision picking up the tab. BUT you have to have your property posted. (NO TRESPASSING, KEEP OUT, LAND USE FEE $5,000 PER PERSON PER DAY, OR ANY PART THEREOF or such signs.) Take pictures of the signs and the entrance of the trespass. BE SURE you have proof of a trespass. Take pictures; obtain witnesses or other tangible proof. These will be used in court.

              Bill the trespassers in writing that they owe you the fee that is on the sign. Tell them you will lower the fee to what the small claims court will allow. That could be $1,500. Let them know that if they ignore this, you will file a claim in the small clams court. They cannot have an attorney with them in this court.

              Refer to the Legal brief and the court order for trespassing.

            Click here ====>  "NO TRESPASSING"  to see sample Sign.      


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